the art of living slowly

blue layer

painting has just about forced me to be more patient. i’ve always considered myself a patient person, but not when it comes to waiting for something (like waiting for paint to dry). i incorporate a lot of layers into my work. it’s what i feel makes a piece come to life; gives it breath and depth. when i first started painting i was so in a rush to get a color or mark down and wanted to move on to the next layer right away. a well-seasoned artist knows that not waiting for your paint to dry can cause muddying of colors and/or unwanted smudging. sometimes you find it works in your favor, but often times (in my case) i would kick myself and get frustrated for ruining something i’d had such high expectations for. if only i had waited a little longer; let the paint do its thing without interruption or rush.

life is like that sometimes, isn’t it? we sprint from one thing to the next - a task, goal, job, relationship, etc - and we don’t give the paint a chance to dry. we don’t let ourselves fully rest or think about what should come next. we want the next best thing so badly and instantly that we don’t realize we are muddying the colors and running the risk of smudging.

i’m practicing patience and embracing the art of living slowly. join me!